Divorce After 50: Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Retirement

October 10, 2013

Beyond the emotional impact that divorce can have on couples of any age that decide to split, it can have a potentially devastating effect on the retirement plans of those who divorce later in life. Divorce after 50 usually results in a loss of income for both parties, which can mean working longer to fund a single retirement.

A recent article at Forbes.com pointed out four common mistakes made by those over 50 who are divorcing that can ruin retirement plans:

Choosing the house over other assets. For many people, choosing the family home in a divorce is more of an emotional than a rational choice. If the housing bust of the last few years has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t count on a house as a nest egg. Plus, a house is likely to cost you more as well in property taxes, maintenance and unexpected expenses like a roof or furnace replacement. So don’t automatically sacrifice retirement assets for a house until you weigh the costs.

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